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History of Duroc Pigs
Characteristics of Duroc Pigs
We are slowly developing our farm. We do not as yet have any pigs. It looks like we are going to be raising Duroc/Hampshire Cross pigs.

Durocs, besides producing the best bacon, are some of the sweetest hogs in the world. They are mellow, easy going animals with no worries in life. The Hampshire pig, besides producing great hams and loins, are known for their easy going nature and are great parents. A cross breed of the two gives you the perfect pig for the freezer.
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We do not have any pigs yet. We are still looking.
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Raising Pigs
We raise our livestock and produce without steroid, hormones, or pesticides. We believe that farming should be done naturally. The earth's most delicious, most healthful foods are made when farmers work in harmony with nature. We strive to improve soil health and crop vitality by natural means. We never use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. Our livestock feed on unsprayed pasture. We do not use any hormones or antibiotics. In addition to grazing, our livestock is fed quality hay and a small amount of locally-milled grain daily.
History of Duroc Pigs:
The Duroc pig was developed between 1822 and 1877 from the Old Duroc pig of New York and the Red Jersey pig of New Jersey; it was formerly called the Duroc-Jersey. The Duroc proved particularly suitable for feeding in the United States Corn Belt; by the 1930s it was the predominant breed in the United States, a distinction it held intermittently throughout the century. Exportation has been extensive, especially to the temperate regions of North and South America.
Duroc Pig Characteristics:
Durocs are characterized by a distinctive red color and floppy ears. The red color can vary from golden red to a very dark red.
History of Hampshire Pigs:
The American National Swine Registry notes that this is the third "most recorded breed" of pigs in the United States, and probably the oldest American breed of hogs. It is thought that importations of this hog breed were made from Hampshire in England between 1827 and 1839Pigs remaining in this part of England developed later into the Wessex Saddleback, a similarly colored pig, but with flop ears. Residents of Hampshire are often colloquially referred to as 'Hampshire Hogs', a name which goes back at least to the 1790s.
Hampshire Pig Characteristics:
The Hampshire pig is a domestic swine breed characterised by erect ears and a black body with a whitish band around the middle, covering the front legs. Hampshire hogs are noted for being well-muscled and rapid growers and for exhibiting good carcass quality in their capacity as meat animals.