Welcome to our farm page. Our hope is for you our consumer to get a peek into our operations and mindset when it comes to producing food for the local region.

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About us: 

My wife and I both grew up on farms in central Indiana, and my family has farmed in Indiana since they received their original parcel of the Indiana Territory. We both grew up, moved off the farms, had careers, and lived in Alabama for a decade. After moving back to Indiana we bought a small parcel of land and basically homesteaded it while raising our young daughters and working full time jobs. We would supply food to friends and family and did some limited selling at farmers markets. After I had a near fatal health issue we decided to take the homestead to the official “farm” status in 2014.

About the Farm:

We are a small diversified farm that believes food should be raised in the most sustainable way possible. We do this for the health of the planet, the plants and animals we raise, and ultimately for you the consumer.

This includes such things as:

  • Keeping our products in the local economy
  • Using GMO free feeds, plants and seeds
  • Keeping animals out on pastures that are managed intensively for the health of the fields and animals
  • We have not used synthetic pesticides and herbicides on our plants or grounds in over a decade.
  • Using breeds of animals that are naturally resistant to parasites or managing them in such a way to reduce the parasite exposure.
  • Using honeybee varieties that have shown resistance or tolerance to mites so we don’t have to treat the hives with chemicals to kill the mites.


Our animals are allowed to express their inherent tendencies for their types. Some of the many examples are:

  • The chickens are on pasture where they not only have a GMO free feed ration but access to grass, clovers, insects, and worms. They sun themselves and create dust baths. They explore their surroundings and scratch in the dirt.
  • Our pigs also get a GMO free feed ration and they also eat grass, clovers, etc. They will root up tubers, find nuts, mushrooms, and various small insects and grubs. We allow small wallows to be formed in their rotated pastures so they can cool off and relax.
  • The sheep are not fed any grain and get their nutrition solely from the pastures and hay. They have plenty of room to run and play, sunning themselves on cool days and laying in the shade during the heat of the day in summer.

We care deeply for the creatures in our care and believe they should be treated with love and respect for the sacrifices they make for our well being. We provide housing (all of it portable to move with them from paddock to paddock), make sure they have access to clean water, shade in the summer, and warm bedding with protection from the winter winds. All of our animals are moved on 5-14 day basis depending on the season and growth rate of the pastures. We rotate many different species over the same ground in succession to simulate the natural movement of the grazing herds in nature, with the large herbivores first and finally the poultry ending the cycle. This reduces parasite loads and allows all the animals to fully utilize the ground before being moved on to allow the pasture to rest for 1-6 months depending on the season and regrowth rate in that paddock.