Our Offerings

All our products are raised on pasture and fed a non-gmo feed.


Whole Chicken –     $4.50 a pound

Boneless, skinless Chicken breast – $8.75 a pound

Bone-in Chicken Thighs – $5.50 a pound

Chicken Drumsticks – $4.50 a pound

Chicken Wings – $3.50 a pound

Large Brown Eggs – $5.00 a dozen

Med Brown Eggs – $4.50 a dozen

Chicken Livers – $3.00 a pound

Chicken Hearts – $3.00 a pound

Chicken Necks – $3.00 a pound

Chicken Feet – $3.00 a pound

Chicken Gizzards – $3.00 a pound

You can purchase our items at the Danville Indiana Farmers Market on the Square Saturday Mornings from 8 AM to Noon. From June till Sept 2nd 2017

We also are at the Plainfield Farmers Market on Wednesdays from 4  PM – 7 PM From June till September 13th

We will also sell from the farm if you call ahead and arrange it.