We pick up feeder pigs and raise from time to time. We prefer Berkshire hogs as we feel the meat is excellent and the animals are excellent foragers and friendly. When we can’t get pure Berks we but other heritage breeds and heritage crosses.

We do not raise mud lot hogs, but prefer to give the animals fresh ground on a regular basis. This keeps our fields safe from major damage and keeps the pigs from getting bored. It’s amazing how much vegetation pigs will eat when given access to it. They will even eat hay. We do feed a non-gmo grain ration to them but do not allow them free access to grain to encourage grazing. We utilize electric netting from Premier One to contain the pigs. The netting is easily moved to allow us to offer new ground to the growing pigs on a regular basis.


We do allow small wallows to develop in the different paddocks so the pigs can get relief from the heat and biting insects.

We normally grow the pigs to 275-300 pounds before harvest. We feel that the larger size helps with marbling and taste and gives better hams and more bacon.

When available we offer whole, half, and by the piece sales of pork. If you want a whole or half we suggest you put a deposit on an animal. When harvest time comes we will transport the animal to This Old Farm in Colfax for processing and you can let them know how you would like your meat processed and packed.