We raise St Croix sheep. They are considered an American breed but can trace their history to Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean .

This is a hair breed of sheep, which means they produce no wool but instead grow a heavy winter coat that they shed naturally in the spring.

We were attracted to the parasite resistance shown by this breed. They demonstrate greater resistance to internal parasites than do both wool sheep and most other hair sheep breeds. We are encouraged by other growers who report that with proper pasture rotations they have not needed to give their sheep any chemical wormers.

St Croix sheep grow slower than some other breeds and are slightly smaller than other meat breeds, but the meat is tender with a mild flavor.

We are still building up our flock numbers and will let you know when we will have lamb for sale.


Our sheep are entirely grass fed, we never feed any grain to them. They get hay as needed, access to mineral mix and are moved across the farm every few days during the growing season to fresh grass.

We use electrified netting to control the areas they get access to and to help protect them from predators. In the winter when the snow starts to fall we move the sheep up to the field by the house. The snow and ice can ground out the netting and leave the animals exposed to coyotes and dogs. This also makes taking care of them easier and helps with keeping the water thawed.